BlueHealth Advantage Program –Wellness that Works

May 01, 2013 by Kathy Nellor

A successful wellness program will not only help lower your company’s health care costs, it can produce an even greater reward – positive changes in productivity and engagement within your employees. Even small changes can make a big difference.

BCBSNE’s BlueHealth Advantage (BHA) program can help your organization understand the health status of your workforce and what steps you can take to improve employee health and productivity.

At BCBSNE, we believe that each employer group is unique. Companies have different health risks, knowledge and interests, and work cultures – not to mention varying budgets that can be dedicated to workplace wellness. Therefore, a “one size fits all” approach to wellness will not yield the optimal results for each employer.

Our goal is to help you build a wellness solution tailored to your company’s unique needs. A wellness consultant like me will help you identify and address your needs in a manner that best fits your corporate culture and coach and guide you through the process of implementing and maintaining a successful wellness program.

Also with the BHA program, not only do you have access to a free wellness consultant to assist you with your program, the BHA program has several free to low-cost tools and programs that you can utilize within your program. Topics include nutrition, weight management, fitness, etc.

If you would like more information about the BHA wellness program, go to the following link and fill out the “Start a Program” form. One of our wellness experts will contact you directly.


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