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Employee Health Challenge

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska we know providing health and wellness information is an important step to helping you and your employees better manage your health. Each month, this section will highlight a new health challenge that can be taken individually or can be set up to be implemented at your workplace. Along with the challenge, there is a promotional poster and a list of other educational materials that support the monthly health challenge.

April 2019

"National Vision Month"

In the blink of any eye, you could suffer an eye injury. This month is all about picture-perfect eyesight and taking the necessary steps to protect your vision. Participate in this month's health challenge, "Protect Your Vision," and challenge yourself to practice healthy habits to protect your eyes.

Monthly Health Challenge

Educational Materials

May 2019

"Focus on Fitness Month"

Think you don't have enough time to exercise? There are 1,440 minutes in a day. You need to set aside just 30 of them to be active. Participate in this month's health challenge, "Be Active 30 Minutes a Day," and challenge your staff to take action to make being active part of their day.

Monthly Health Challenge

Educational Materials

Looking for a resource to help you plan your entire year?

Check out the Monthly Wellness Planner.