BlueHealth Advantage

Quarterly Self Study

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska we know providing quality health and wellness information is an important step to helping you better manage your health. Each quarter, this section will highlight a new Lifestyle Management Guide. After reading the guide take the self-study quiz to help test your knowledge. After you complete the quiz, you receive a certificate of completion. Keep this certificate as evidence of completion. Good luck!

2nd Quarter Topic: Getting Physically Active

First, open and read the following 16-page guide. Topics within this guide include:

  • Understanding Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity & Your Heart
  • The Benefits & The Risks
  • Five Myths About Exercise
  • Before Starting
  • Preparing to Exercise
  • Exercise For Gain, Not Pain
  • Working Out Is Right For You

Physical Activity Guide

Now that you have read through the "Getting Physical Active" guide, complete the following 10-question quiz to test your knowledge! At the end of the quiz, you will receive a link to a "Certificate of Completion". Keep this certificate for your records in case your organization requires documentation.

Understanding Physical Activity Quiz