Kids in the Kitchen

August 18, 2010 by Kathy Nellor

Trying to get your kids to eat healthier or to get them to eat a wider variety of foods?  Why not start off by playing a game? Help your kids understand how to eat healthy by playing the MyPyramid Match Game. Have them test their knowledge of the five food groups and how much you need from each group. Have fun with this interactive game by matching up the pyramid colors and putting the foods into the right categories.

Next get them involved and make them part of the cooking routine. There are so many ideas on how you can get young children into the kitchen. Have them help with washing vegetables, shucking corn, peeling bananas, measuring ingredients, or setting the table. Mealtime is a precious time that needs to be a shared family time – make them part of the process and they’ll be much more likely to try the foods they “helped” to prepare. For more ideas on getting your kids cooking, check out this article entitled, Cooking with Kids – Preparing & Sharing Food.

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