Simple Nudges to Promote Physical Activity

September 28, 2010 by Kathy Nellor

I recently attended the Wellness Council of America and the Wellness Council of the Midlands’ National Training Summit on Physical Activity here in Omaha, Nebraska. I participated in David Hunnicutt’s presentation entitled, “Nudge: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference When It Comes to Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace.” I really enjoyed this session and felt the need to share with you the eleven simple nudges that he spoke about in his presentation. They definitely are simple – but worth thinking about and implementing:

#1 – Do NOT promote the present physical activity trends of Americans to your employees.

#2 – Do promote the current physical activity requirements to your employees – constantly!!

#3 – Encourage everyone to set a goal.

#4 – Leverage the power of planning.

#5 – Emphasize that injury is the enemy.

#6 – Schedule regular movement throughout each day.

#7 – Start a company walking club.

#8 – Capture and share success stories.

#9 – Make simple environmental modifications in your workplace.

#10 – Assess the home and neighborhood environment.

#11 – Be an ambassador for physical activity.

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