Putting “Fun” Back in Resolution

December 22, 2010 by Kathy Nellor

A few weeks ago, I had a girlfriend post as her Facebook status. “Live it up people – only 2 more weeks until you have to make a no fun New Year’s resolution.” I so badly wanted to reply with… “My resolution is to have more fun!” But controlled myself and refrained from adding any sarcasm to the post. Although, some of her friends comments included things like, “I don’t keep mine anyway, etc.”

But I can’t get the oh-so-common association that so many of us have with making a New Year’s resolution (a.k.a.adopting healthier lifestyle habits) with the absence of “fun” out of my mind.Being a wellness professional – it’s my job to help people adopt the habits that will help them lead to a longer, healthier more productive life. We have to break that “no-fun” association or we will continue to spin our wheels in helping others adopt healthy lifestyles.

So whether you are a wellness professional, or an individual that just wants to keep your resolution this year, it’s time to go back to the basics. Make it fun!! Put some good, healthy fun back into your programs. Find out what your employees enjoy and center some of your programs on that. Do they like knitting, hunting, scrapbooking, or certain sports teams, etc? If you don’t know, ask them and find out. Make your programs competitive – that’s always fun! If they don’t enjoy it – they are not going to participate in your programs. And if they don’t participate – how are you going to get the results you want from your wellness program?

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