New Year, New You!

January 10, 2012 by Kathy Nellor

Making a New Year’s resolution to live healthier is easy. Keeping that resolution is the hard part; not everyone has the willpower or resources to follow through. For 2012, try taking a fresh approach to keeping those resolutions.

Change your habits. Quick-fix diets may be a way to get started, but changing the way you think about food and physical activity produces the best results. Tell people about your change; it will help to keep you honest. The more people who know about the challenge, the more people will hold you accountable.

Enlist a partner. Standing on your own against the challenge of becoming healthier can be overwhelming and difficult. Find support from others, as it can help make the challenge less intimidating. Support also makes you more accountable and focused.

Set the right goals. Goals such as losing 50 pounds in two months or having a beach body by summer tend to overwhelm people. Instead, goals such as wanting to feel more confident and wanting to become healthier for your children’s sake will help keep you in line.

Educate yourself. Learn through reading and research to set yourself up for success. You should know what hasn’t worked for you in the past, and learn from your mistakes. Variety in physical activity and food will keep you from getting bored with it. Track and review your progress with daily food journals and weigh-ins. Positive reassurance from reaching daily goals can help you get momentum, which leads to success.

Leave last year’s failures behind. The right mindset along with the proper tools can help make this year different. Take a different approach in 2012, and think positive.

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Written by Tanner Johnson - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

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