BlueHealth Advantage

What is a health risk assessment and does the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska BlueHealth Advantage program offer one to their groups and group leaders?

Plain and simple, you can’t change what you can’t measure. And when it comes to containing healthcare costs and improving employee health, a health risk assessment is one of the most critical components in the entire health management process. Not only does each individual that completes the assessment receive a personalized and confidential summary of his or her current health status, but the organization receives a comprehensive aggregate report – the Group Health Profile. BCBSNE offers Wellstream, a health risk assessment that incorporates an individual’s personal health information, family health history, and general health status. In addition to the health risk factors, Wellstream incorporates a Corporate Health Culture Assessment and an employee Knowledge and Interest inventory. The Wellstream aggregate Group Health Profile report includes information on demographics, health risk factors, health conditions, absenteeism, readiness to change and specific organizational recommendations. An expert from BCBSNE’s wellness team will go through the aggregate report with you and discuss wellness programming opportunities.  

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